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        14 Jun 2022

        Judicial power: courting controversy

        Barristers from trendy chambers are, apparently, working as part of a ‘pious left wing cabal’ to stymie the Government’s attempts to send…

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        Are the Lib Dems in danger of being over-hyped (again)?

        Stagflation: the return of an unwelcome monster

        Brexit opportunities: Jacob Rees-Mogg is going the wrong way about seizing them

        The Wakefield by-election will test whether Johnson is upholding his end of the bargain to Conservative MPs

        A bad week for good government

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        The Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland

        11 Oct 2021

        Catch up on the full conference and highlights

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        Who is Liz Truss?

        Liz Truss was appointed as Foreign Secretary in September 2021. She is the second woman to be in the role, after Margaret Beckett (2006-2007).

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        The UK’s changing...


        The Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland

        Why is there a Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland? Brexit meant that the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland became an external border…

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        Long reads

        The Russian invasion of Ukraine

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